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Collectors Club - The Curse of the Missing Reel

In the early days of 8mm film distribution the cost of buying a full length feature film on either Std8 or Super8 meant very few people could afford it. So distributors like Collectors Club sold feature films on 200ft reels which could be bought individually to build up the full feature.

For instance a 90 minute feature would be sold on 7 x 200ft reels so folk could buy the next reel when they had the money.

50 years on it is not unusual to find these 200ft feature multi reels - but often there is a reel or two missing from the full set. Either a reel has got damaged or misplaced. Obviously this rather ruins the feature film experience having a section missing

ICSuper8 often gets odd reels of Collectors Club (and other distributors) multi reel films. So if you are missing that illusive Reel 5 of 7, drop us a message - we may have one in stock. If not we keep a list of requirements and can let you know if we find that illusive mssing reel

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