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Film of the Day - Q Ships - 9.5mm

9.5mm films often offer up some unusual titles. Here we have Q Ships, a 1928 feature in B/W with optical sound (you can see the optical soundstripe to the left of the frameshots below).

During World War I, the British navy disguised some of its warships as civilian cargo ships, known as Q Ships, in order to fool the Germans. German U-boat commander Capt. Von Haag spots one of these ships, commanded by Adm. Sims, in the English Channel and begins tracking it, leading to a war of nerves between Von Haag and Sims (courtesy IMDB)

The previous owner of this film has combined the original 4 reels of approx 1400ft onto a single 16mm reel. Some specialist collectors used the larger 16mm reels converted to fit a 9.5mm projector (a 'Buckingham conversion'), to allow them to play the film through without loading multiple reels

As ever more screenshots (taken using a scanner as I dont have a 9.5mm projector to fit the large reel) and details are available on our Ebay listing :

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