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Rare or Unique ? Signed Super 8 Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Every so often we get a new stock item which seems to particularly rare or unique. In this case we have a 400ft Super 8 copy of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - which in itself is a rare find.

When we received it we we saw that the film case had the autograph of the film's star - Gunnar Hansen with a message 'Norman - No wonder Dave is so twisted - Gunnar Hansen'. So maybe this moves the film from the Rare to Unique category ?

Theres is no 'Certificate of Authenticity' which is not really surprising as this was most likely signed for a fan and Super 8 collector at a movie fair back in the day - if anyone went to such a fair where Gunnar Hansen attended we would love to hear from you !

The film itself is a Derann release, which is in our opinion a better digest edit than the Iver Films release

Update 7th March - The film was bought in our Ebay auction for £298 by a buyer in the USA

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