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Steam Trains on 8MM

Steam Trains on 8mm The nostalgia for steam trains endures with many who remember the smell of smoke and soot from their childhood as well as with those who enjoy the UK's many heritage railways.

Railwayana remains a popular collecting field for these enthusiasts and that includes 8mm cine film of steam 'back in the day'. Films were released by a number of distributors and makers including :

Movieland International (Plymouth) DCR Films (Isle of Wight) Hillside Publishing Walton Films Meteor Films

Wilf Watters made and narrated many of these films, starting in black and white and moving onto colour films of railways both in the UK and overseas (Rhodesia, South Africa, Spain). There are also many black/white silent films of steam pre-1940's showing specific loco types, train lines or regions. The films were released on both Std 8mm and Super 8 formats

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