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Cult Movies on Cine Film

Cult movies on Cine Film In addition to the vast range of popular films and classics such as Disney's, Laurel & Hardy's and big screen movies, there has been relaeses of more niche films which have gone on to become cult movies in their own right.

One of the most familiar would be Metropolis, an early science fiction epic by Fritz Lang - which was used by Queen as the backdrop to their video for 'Radio Gaga' - in fact they had to buy the rights to the films from the East German government in order to use it in the video

Others, which we currently have copies of, include Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, The Cat and the Canary, Angel, The White Hell of Pitz Pulau, The Wolves of Kultur and of course the original black & white Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Often these were released in lmited numbers so not many still survive, but they remain popular with collectors around the world. Many were released as Black & White silent films, but occassionally a musical or atmospheric soundtrack has been added later - but these are very uncommon finds

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