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Geoffery Morey Travel Films 16mm

Between 1953 and 1966, Geoffery Morey produced and directed a number of travelogue films on 16mm reflecting the ever widening tourist horizons of the time. These included :

Grenada Around East Africa Coral Island Minister (Gilbert & ellis Islands) Dominica (for the Dominica Tourist Board) Korea Etsu of Nupe (Nigeria) This Enchancted Isle (UK for Brooke Bond Ltd) Lincoln Cathedral

These were filmed in the style of a tourist home movie, featuring the hotels, attractions, flora/fauna and traditions and lifseyles of the local inhabitants. Some of the films were significant enought to be held by the British Film Institute. He certainly sounds like an interested well travelled cinematographer of his time - even keep pte kangaroos at his home near Lincoln

We have 2 of his works currently up for auction - Korea and Dominica

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