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As well as some of the highly collectable rare titles I have posted about on this page, we also have a wide range of film in stock to appeal to the widest range of collectors.

Of course there are Super8's but also Standard 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm films. Prices start from as low as £5.99 a reel.

We currently have over 500 ebay listings for films and new items are being listed almost every day. Over 70% of our film listings are priced at under £20

Every week we also offer a few small 'job lots' of titles which might appeal to the new collector - these are always auctions usually starting at less than £10 for around 7 reels.

We try to keep at least 10% of our listings as auctions (rather than Buy It Now's) at any time - with starting prices to allow the market to decide their value. You can find our current auctions by clicking on the 'Auction' button in our Ebay Store at ICSupe

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