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We are regularly hear from people who want to sell collections of cine films found during house clearances. Recently we acquired some large 16mm cans - content unknown. Time to view some film and do some research !

5 of the cans contained approximately 13,000ft (8 hours) of original unedited Footage of a UK Climbing expedition to Antarctica aboard the Pelagic. The members of the Pelagic expedition; January-February 1994, sailed in the 55ft cutter of that name 1000 miles from Tierra del Fuego to the Antarctic peninsula. We found a detailed record of the expedition published in The Alpine Journal of 1995.

As well as climbing footage, we also found spectacular scenery, wildlife including whales, seals, penguins and life on board the ship Pelagic.

The film appears to have been shot for a UK film production company, presumably to make a documentary – however there is no record of the final film ever being produced. As the film was still on its plastic Lab core spools and had not been loaded to reels it seems that it may never have been watched – until now

So there is one of the joys of old cine film – deciphering the mysteries of the house clearance find.

More screenshots are available on our Ebay auction listing :

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